jeudi 12 juin 2008

One year!

Hi to all!

yes, it's been one year since I started this blog! The least I can say is that I haven't been very active, above all lately. For my defense, I have worked a lot, but now things are calmer, so, here I am!
Before it gets restarted, I have reproduced my final ClusterMap as of June 12th at the beginning of the post.

I have had more than 23000 visits over the past year, something I didn't expect. I guess the main reason lies in my post about the MacBook Air, so maybe I should do something about the forthcoming iphone 3G. However, since I already have the first iphone, I am not sure I will upgrade to the new one. It will depend on its price in France, and above all the price of the associated phone contract. Still, a GPS and the 3G is not something to sneeze at.
I will follow the evolution of the iphone's pricing in France with a deep interest.

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