lundi 19 octobre 2009


Hi to all!

Clearly, I haven't been able to live up to my promises and update this blog regularly.
Hence, I think I have found a better to share some ideas or tips that I might have, namely twitter! With an Iphone, it is quite easy to post stuff, and for me it is less time-consuming to just point to a link than explaining everything again, above all since English is not my mother tongue.
In case someone wants to follow me, my twitter account is: lillumultipass

From now on, I will post mainly on my twitter account, unless I have something really meaningful to say and I need more than 140 characters ;-)

So, see you on Twitter!

EDIT: I really think that using Twitter is a great idea, because when I read something interesting, I can send a tweet immediately with a link to the article. It is clearly an easy and efficient way to share stuff, ideas...
I think I will add something like "Econ" or "MacOS" or "Iphone" at the beginning of the tweet so that the topic is easily recognizable.